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Swindon BSAC welcomes divers trained from all of the major diving agencies, in fact many of our newcomers have already qualified abroad with PADI or similar.

Come an join our active diving and social club right here in Swindon!  As a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club, BSAC membership is mandatory for all diving members.

Prices and options correct as of June 2023


Full Diving Membership – £15.00 per calendar month – Open to anyone 14 years of age or over.

Boat Only Membership – £7.50p er calendar month – Open to anyone 14 years of age or over, access to a space on any of our own RHIB boat trips.

Junior Diving member – £5.00 per calendar month – For any child aged between 12 – 17 years old who’s parent is a full diving member

Student Diving member – £7.50 per calendar month – For anyone aged 18 years old or over in full time education

Social Member – £7.50 per calendar month – For anyone who has an interest in the club but does not wish to dive or fit in any other category

Associate Member – Included in the price of the facilities hire – For anyone who hires the building and require bar facilities.  You will become an associate member for 3 months.  Associate members are bound by all of the club rules but are not entitled to any other activity or right other than the use of the hired part of our facilities per the hire contract agreement.

Honorary Member – £10 per annum – Conferred solely by the committee to club members who’ve rendered the club meritorious service.

Guests – Full members and associate members (as part of their hire conditions) may introduce a bona fide guest into the club for a limited period.


For further information on any of the above or for information on how to join, please contact the club.


Visit BSAC.com