Whether you are looking to start diving, undergoing training, recently qualified or an old hand who wants to expand your knowledge and qualifications there is something here for you.




As a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club, we follow their training standards. Training is offered both within the branch and at regional and national events organised elsewhere within BSAC.


There are five internationally recognised diver grades. Click here for more information about them. We can train within the branch up to Advanced Diver level.


If you have already trained with a different organisation, we can offer crossover training to convert your qualifications to BSAC ones. For more information, see the BSAC website (opens in a new window), where you can download a document with specific crossover details related to your training agency, whether that be PADI, SSI, SSAC or SAA.


BSAC offers a wide range of skill development courses. We can provide some of these within the branch, while all are available at a regional level. Click here for more details.


Wanting to progress your diving to instructor level? BSAC have four main instructor grades. All instructor courses and exams are provided on a regional or national basis, but there is plenty of opportunity to gain experience within the branch.  Click here for details about instructor grades and courses.




All branch theory training takes place in our new Clubhouse, where we have a dedicated lecture room.


Pool training also takes place in our own training pool within the new Clubhouse. The pool has a maximum depth of 3m. There are two changing rooms, the smaller of which has disabled access and a disabled toilet, although a standard shower.


Dedicated Open Water training sessions take place at the National Diving Centre in Chepstow and also at various locations on the south coast. In addition, specific training skills can be incorporated into ‘normal’ diving expeditions – day trips, weekends or holidays.


Regional and national events take place in a wide variety of locations. We also host some regional events in our Clubhouse.



Our Instructors are Nigel Wichall & Adrian Terry.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 07730 398425 or

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 07919 221989


Nigel & Adrian co-ordinate all training matters and are your first port of call for anything related to training.


Within the branch, we have a total of:


Assistant Diving Instructors (Glen Powell, Stuart Lemon)


Open Water Instructors (Nigel Wichall, Andy Rayson, Lou Williams, Rob Jackson, Adrian Terry, Paul Colley)


Advanced Instructors (Dave MartinIrene Maggs, Chris Gait)

All instructors within the branch give their time voluntarily to provide training. Other experienced divers also assist with training from time to time.




Ocean Diver courses are held two or three time each year. Training for the other diving grades is organised as required. Most training takes place on a Thursday evening or on a weekend.


Dates for regional and national events can be found on the BSAC website (links open in a new window):

Skill Development Courses, Instructor courses and exams


How Much?


Swindive charge £300 for an Ocean Diver course. For more information click here.


For all courses beyond Ocean Diver, you must buy the official BSAC training materials but, providing that your membership of Swindon SAC and of BSAC remains current, all instruction within the branch is provided for free.  Regional courses and skill development courses each have their own fee and, as your diving progresses, you will of course be expected to purchase your own diving equipment.




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