Swindon Sub-Aqua Club organise dives for all levels throughout the year.



Farne Islands
Most of the diving in the Farne Islands just off the Northumbrian coast takes place from Seahouses or Beadnell and can be split into various sections. The coastline, Inner Farne Islands, the Outer farne Islands and the Megstones. The sites further out tend to have the best visability.
Famous for their seal encounters, most of the dives in this area will supply you with memories to treasure and as many sites are around 20m they are also suitable for novice divers. As well as a good selection of wrecks there are also spectacular walls for you to explore.


Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset is a popular destination for dive training and skills evaluation as it is very shallow at approximately 6m.
Divers should be aware that access is down a narrow and winding road with a toll payable. At the end is a grass parking area with a pretty basic toilet block. A further roadway then goes down to the slip below.
It is recommended that boats should be prepared in the top parking area as space is limited on the slipway and this also helps with diver-fishermen relations.
Divers are also reminded that the coast from the bay to Mupe Rocks at Lulworth Cove forms part of the Purbeck Marine Wildlife Reserve which operates a 'look, but don't take' policy.


Lyme Regis
Lyme Regis in Dorset forms part of the famous Jurassic Coast and World Heritage Coastline and is very popular with divers from all over the UK. There are many charters available catering for all types of diving.
Most, but not all, charters operate from The Cobb.
Some of the most visited attractions are the many wrecks in the area. These include:
The submarine M2. She was lost with all hands during a training accident on 26th January 1932. She was modified to carry a seaplane inside a hanger in front of the conning tower and it was this that flooded causing her to sink. The wreck sits upright on the seabed at about 32 m, about 12 miles out from Lyme Regis. If you do get down to see her, make sure you check out the torpdo tubes for the resident congers.
The P&O Liner Salsette. She was torpedoed by U boat UB40 on 20th July 1917 whilst on route from London to Bombay. She now sits at 44m rising to 34m. Take a look at the gun on the stern.
The Chateau Yquem. A steamship torpedoed by German U boat U40 on 30th July 1917. She now lies at 44m.


Poole in Dorset caters for divers of all grades so is well worth a visit. There are numerous wrecks and scenic reefs all along this coast and with water temperature in summer sometimes reaching 18 degrees, together with around 15m viz there really is no excuse not to go diving! Dive planning is crucial as there are really complex tides in this area.
One 'must dive' site is called Poole Patches, a collection of reefs which rise out of the seabed. The middle reef even has a few fossilised trees! The reefs are at about 13m and rise to 9m at their highest point. Weak currents and viz which can be up to 10m make this a really great dive.
The Pinnacle is a large rock at the entrance to Poole Harbour. It has a cave, and lots of places for marine life to hide. It can be a bit dark around the rock but take your torch and seek out the lobsters.
Diving is only safe at slack water as there is a strong current here. You also need to watch out for boat traffic and the chain ferry which passes close by!


One of the best places to dive in Swanage is off the beautifully restored pier. Depth here is about 4m and access to the ocean is easy. Parking on the pier is available but you will have to get there early. An added bonus is that fills are available on the pier itself from Divers Down who are based there. The visability tends to be quite good here but many divers say you either see a lot of life or nothing at all!



Swindon Sub Aqua Club organise various trips to exotic dive sites around the world.

These trips are designed to appeal to all levels of diver although please be aware that some 'liveaboards' will insist on a minimum level of qualification or a minimum number of dives. Check with the diving officer for further information.


For more details and dates on all diving trips please contact the Diving Officer 

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